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Why Join the PAC?

Fellow Kentucky Business:

Since 1949, my employer, Atmos Energy, has recognized the value of being a member of the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. Hopefully, you feel as we do: that the return you get every year on the dues investment you make is substantial.  From battling the rising cost of health care and workers’ compensation changes to demanding a quality education for Kentucky’s children and adults, the Chamber aggressively and successfully fights for our businesses all year long with our elected and public officials.

More and more, the Kentucky Chamber is becoming a recognized leader in the political arena. In December 2006, the Kentucky Gazette recognized the Chamber PAC with the highest percentage of endorsed candidates being elected last year.  The Chamber PAC had an astonishing 86% success rate in its endorsements, meaning those who made an investment in the PAC were assured their investment was going to the election of pro-business candidates to the General Assembly. Together, we can make the voice of business stronger in Frankfort by endorsing and electing pro-business candidates.

The Kentucky Chamber PAC is gearing up it fundraising efforts to help provide a voice for all Kentucky businesses in the next legislative election cycle.  I would like to invite you to become a member of the Kentucky Chamber PAC as I have. As a member of the Chamber PAC, you will receive critical and timely election information as well as other member benefits.

Remember, your checks for contributions can only come to the PAC from you individually or PAC-to-PAC contributions. If you are inclined to offer more, please note that the maximum amount an individual or PAC can give to the Chamber PAC is $1,500 per calendar year.

As a Kentucky Chamber PAC member, your active participation and involvement in the will help the PAC support candidates in your area, but also candidates who will carry the banner for employers like us throughout Kentucky. It is critical to remember that every legislator, whether they’re in your district or not, affects the way we all do business in Kentucky through the votes they cast on the floor.

Please print off and mail in the membership form today.

Steve Loyal
Kentucky Chamber PAC

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