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The Value of Joining the Kentucky Chamber PAC

The backbone of the Kentucky Chamber PAC is its member volunteers and donors. This organization has been able to bring this level of quality leadership to the state capitol through active, individual, members that represent Kentucky’s diverse business climate.

The Kentucky Chamber PAC will provide you with many ways to get to know the candidates that could make the serious decisions on how you and your company operate and conduct business in Kentucky.

By joining the Kentucky Chamber PAC, you will have critical and timely information during Legislative Elections including:

Candidate Interviews: Key candidates will be interviewed following the May primaries to understand their views on Kentucky’s business climates. The Chamber PAC’s volunteers will travel the state to conduct interviews that the PAC sees as vital to Kentucky’s business community.

Legislative Ratings: At the end of each legislative session, the Kentucky Chamber PAC will evaluate each candidate and their votes that impact all Kentucky businesses.  These scores will be a factor in determining their endorsement.

Candidate Profiles: Immediately following the Chamber PAC’s endorsement of a candidate, the profiles will be available for PAC members to review and help determine the pro-business candidate in selected Legislative Races.

Weekly Updates on Races: Following the PAC’s endorsements of pro-business candidates, you will receive critical, behind the scenes, information and updates to help you and your company plan and share information with your employees, family and friends.
Please print off and mail in the membership form today.

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