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AN ACT relating to telecommunications. Create a new section of KRS Chapter 278 to modify the telecommunications deregulation plan in KRS 278.541 et.seq.; end most Public Service Commission authority over exchanges with 15,000 or more housing units; for less populous exchanges, PSC jurisdiction reduced and obligation to provide basic local exchange (wireline) service is reduced; utility would have option to substitute internet protocol or wireless service in some situations; customers in some situations would have the right to reject IP or wireless service and have their wireline restored; remove PSC jurisdiction over transfer of ownership or control of telecoms who adopt these modifications; eliminate PSC control and city control over consolidation of telecom operations within a city; federal jurisdiction, especially over carrier to carrier issues unaffected; end PSC jurisdiction over consumer cellphone complaints; end PSC jurisdiction over consumer broadband complaints; amend KRS 278.54611 to conform.



  • P. Hornback
  • J. Carpenter