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AN ACT relating to alcoholic beverages. Amend KRS 241.010 to define "commercial airport," "cider," "malt beverage," and "weak cider"; amend KRS 242.123 to delineate a reference to a special local option election in a city of the second class; amend KRS 243.030 to split the distiller's license into Class A and Class B licenses; amend KRS 243.033 to clarify that caterer's licenses may be used in limited restaurant moist territory and in the manner of an NQ4 drink license; amend KRS 243.042 to allow a qualified historic site to serve alcoholic beverages by the drink on a riverboat moored at its licensed premises; amend KRS 243.050 to add the holder of a license located in a commercial airport among those licensees who may be granted an extended hours supplemental license; amend KRS 243.072 and 243.075 to include county alcohol license fees and permit local regulatory license fees for limited restaurant territory or for a city of the third or fourth class under KRS Chapter 242; amend KRS 243.082 to clarify the duties and privileges of an NQ1 license; amend KRS 243.084 to authorize NQ2 retail drink licenses for hotel and restaurant dining facilities that seat at least 50 people and that derive at least 50% of their food and alcoholic beverage receipts from the sale of food; amend KRS 243.120 to assign a distiller's Class A license to distillers that produce more than 50,000 gallons of distilled spirits per year, and a distiller's Class B license to those that produce 50,000 gallons or less per year; amend KRS 243.200 to add the duties and privileges of a transporter's license; amend KRS 243.250, 244.125, and 244.295 to set the restaurant food threshold at 50% of food and beverage receipts rather than food and beverage income; amend KRS 243.320 to allow a nonbeverage alcohol licensee to produce, possess, and use alcohol in the manufacture of nonbeverage fuel ethanol; amend KRS 243.353 to make technical changes; amend KRS 243.360 to exempt an applicant for a micro out-of-state distilled spirits and wine supplier's license from the requirement to advertise the intention to apply for a license; amend KRS 244.290 and 244.480 to replace outdated terms; amend KRS 244.585 to compel a malt beverage distributor to file its territorial agreements only upon request of the department; amend KRS 243.034, 243.170, and 243.230 to conform; repeal KRS 243.083 and 243.205.



  • J. Schickel