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AN ACT relating to controlled substances. Amend KRS 72.026 to increase the scope of mandatory coroner and medical examiner reporting in deaths involving Schedule I deaths; amend KRS 196.286 and 196.288 to direct that a portion of recaptured savings from criminal justice reforms be directed to funding of KY-ASAP; create a new section of KRS Chapter 205 to specify the controlled substance treatment services to be offered under Medicaid; amend KRS 217.186 to increase the availability of Naloxone for use as a rescue drug for narcotic overdose situations; create a new section of KRS Chapter 218A to provide immunity for persons seeking emergency help in drug overdose situations; amend KRS 218A.040 to specify that death by overdose is a foreseeable result of the consumption or use of a Schedule I controlled substance; amend KRS 218A.1412 to establish a 50% minimum time service requirement for higher-level traffickers in heroin or methamphetamine, with the ability to deviate from that requirement in cases where the defendant provides assistance to the prosecution; amend KRS 439.3401 to require a minimum 50% time service requirement for homicide and fetal homicide offenders in situations where the decedent died due to a Schedule I drug overdose; amend KRS 501.060 to provide that it is not a defense to the establishment of causation in a Schedule I overdose case that the decedent voluntarily ingested the drug or that there was no direct contact between the decedent and the defendant; direct the Department of Criminal Justice Training to conduct regionalized heroin-specific in-service training for law enforcement officers by December 31, 2015.



  • K. Stine
  • J. Carpenter
  • S. Gregory
  • J. Higdon
  • A. Kerr