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AN ACT relating to local option elections. Amend KRS 241.010 to define a state park; add state park local option elections to the list of moist elections; create a new section of KRS Chapter 242 to allow a local option election for the sale of alcoholic beverages by the drink at state parks; hold the election in the precinct where the state park's qualifying lodge or golf course is located; establish the petition question and the form of the proposition for the election; make the entire state park moist if the majority of voters in the precinct favor establishing moist territory; amend KRS 243.082 to allow an authorized state park to acquire an NQ1 retail drink license; set the limitations and privileges of a state park NQ1 license; amend KRS 243.100 to add governmental agencies to the types of corporate entities eligible to receive an alcoholic beverage license.



  • L. Clark
  • De. Butler
  • J. Donohue
  • J. Jenkins
  • D. Keene
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