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AN ACT relating to the certification of sprinkler fitters and making an appropriation therefor. Create new sections of KRS 198B to require certification of sprinkler fitters; define terms; prohibit work on a fire suppression system in the Commonwealth without a valid sprinkler fitter certification or sprinkler fitter apprentice permit; establish the State Board of Examiners of the Sprinkler Fitter Industry and install membership; designate commissioner of the department to serve as board chair; set up board terms, manner of appointment, citizenship requirements, and board compensation; enumerate the powers and duties of the board; establish minimum requirements to obtain a sprinkler fitter certification; set up continuing education and conditions for renewal of certification; establish minimum requirements to obtain a sprinkler fitter apprentice permit; make permit valid for three years; permit a nonjourneyman sprinkler fitter to apply for an apprentice permit within one year of effective date of Act; establish conditions for issuance of a reciprocal certification; institute a one-year grace period for persons required to apply for certification or apprenticeship; direct board to maintain a registry of certifications and permits; fix conditions that constitute a violation of this Act; grant the department authority to enforce and measures of recourse; create trust and agency account for board moneys; APPROPRIATION.



  • J. Glenn
  • T. Thompson
  • De. Butler
  • D. Horlander